“How mi look?” is a Jamaican phrase often asked rhetorically when someone knows they look good and they are feeling confident. Our goal at JRL Consulting is to lend our expertise and provide you the support you need so that you, your organization, or your business can confidently say, “how mi look?!” We intentionally maintain a small client roster so that we can pay special attention to you. We never want you to feel that your business is not a priority. If you are ready to work with a detail-obsessed team, with diverse lived experiences, and a penchant for socially conscious work, we are here for you.  Our team with our varied interests and experiences have honed in on supporting clients through four areas that directly link back to growth: fundraising, organizational development, convening planning, and writing/copy editing.

Organizational Development

We provide organizational development services to new and established organizations facing a new era in their journey. 

We’re a good fit for each other if: 

Perhaps you are morphing into a new version of yourselves and you need the additional capacity and/or a thought partner in establishing new systems. Organizations and businesses often reach a crossroads when they are setting out on new footing – whether they are in their early stages of establishing themselves or are looking to walk into a period of transition and growth. We will support you in the thought process, the planning or the implementation. We support you and your team in asking the right questions needed to come up with a new or renewed plan of action.


Fundraising: We provide grant writing, sponsorship acquirement and development services for events, projects and social justice organizations. 

We’re a good fit for each other if: 

You have an idea or a project that you need funding for, but don’t know where to start. Or perhaps your organization is in need of fundraising support, so that the impact of your work can finally match the size of your financial resources. We will work with you to create or improve upon your fundraising strategy, so that you can move into a season of abundance.

Conference Planning Consultations

Conference and convening planning: We provide event planning consulting support for events that will lead to an impact on bettering the lives of others. 

We’re a good fit for each other if: 

If you have an idea for an event that will provide professional and personal development or you plan to convene people to strategize and organize around liberation, but just don’t know where to start. Perhaps you have executed smaller events and need help in figuring out how to plan an event on a larger scale. We have a track record of executing events that fill a void for underserved communities. We can support you in the areas of content and programming, overall event guidance, cost reduction, and sponsor outreach.

Writing & Copy Editing

Writing and copy editing: We provide services that strengthen written content and branding alignment across your various bodies of work, in addition to copy editing services. 

We’re a good fit for each other if: 

If you don’t consider yourself to be a strong writer and you need support in putting your best foot forward. We have supported professionals who are experts in their fields but aren’t good writers. We’ve also copyedited published books and written organizations’ bodies of works. We view writing and the use of words as an artform painted by our detailed editing eyes and our ability to organize intangible thoughts beautifully and seamlessly into the tangible. We utilize our strengths to facilitate cohesion and consistency in your written works to reflect your voice and help you obtain your desired outcome(s). Allow us to translate the brilliance in your head and in your ideas to brilliance on paper.