Our Work & Testimonials


"JRL Consulting is a beacon of excellence, guiding clients with passion, creativity and strategy. Founder Jamie is driven to make a difference and will work tirelessly to deliver a high impact program that is tailored to your organization’s unique needs."

[ César M.P.]

"There is a level of ease and comfort that you experience when working with JRL Consulting. Jamie is extremely thorough and has a keen eye for minute details that others would miss. She is the go to when you want someone you can trust to help bring a vision to reality!"

[ Yannick D.]

"JRL Consulting has supported me in executing commitments with care. JRL moves with intention and has an understanding of the importance of relationships and networks in social change work. I have worked with them on multiple projects and I trust them, because they are mission and value driven, dedicated and thorough." 

[ Ingrid B.]

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